Monday, September 24, 2018


Such a nasty thought! Is it possible that they're missing it? I feel miserable, don't seem to have success in getting healthier, and just continually appear to be worsening. My skin itches, something feels like it is walking under my skin, I have extra weight that just doesn't seem to go away. What is wrong with me? I have pain everywhere, my stomach doesn't feel good, I have continual issues with my bowels, I even suffer with iron deficiency. I have so many other symptoms that are just too long to list.

Does any of this sound like you? Rest assured you are not alone. Many suffer on a daily basis and can't seem to find relief. The truth is, the issue of parasites is extremely prevalent and many don't even know they have them.

Many have asked me the same did I get parasites? Truth is there are many ways in which you can become infested with parasites. Let's list a few: under-cooked food (especially meat), unseen larvae in food, bug bites, infected feces, using the bathroom after someone else infected, etc. There is no real way to identify for certain how and where the infestation occurred. The main thing is to find out if you have them and get rid of them.

So, you ask, how do you find out if you have parasites? I can test through muscle testing to recognize if you have parasites, as well as which ones and how many different types. Following the testing, we can work together at getting rid of the parasites through a protocol of detoxing and supplementation. It is imperative to rid the body of parasites if you wish to obtain a healthier you. Parasites damage and destroy everything. They eat the nutrients your body needs to survive and interfere with anything that can improve health. They are destructive and are the basis for many health issues, including but not limited to: Gout, Leaky Gut Syndrome, IBS, Chrone's Disease, Inflammatory Disease, Heart Disease, etc.

The following is a testimonial of a client I have recently successfully cleared of more than 18 different parasites:

"3 months ago I was a hot mess...I can't even begin to explain how bad I felt. I failed for many things when tested but the biggest fail was for parasites. I have traveled a lot in my life and guessing I must have picked them up along the way...I did a parasite cleanse and 3 months later I am parasite free!!! 3 months ago, after many doctors appointments and trying multiple things to feel better, I truly believed I was dying. I feel substantially better! I still have more to work on and I am excited to see where this journey is taking me. Tabitha is Awesome and truly knows her stuff!"

Often times a foot detox is added to a program to increase the reduction/elimination of parasites. Yet people have a habit of being skeptical and think that the water is tampered with in order to make it change colors. My question for you is, "Can you fake parasites floating on the water as you sit there going through the foot detox?" I am going to share with you the second foot detox the client above went through during her parasite cleanse. There are not only parasites floating in the water, but also larvae and eggs.

It is exciting for me to see my clients reach success! After my own health battles, it is important for me to help as many people as I can reach a healthier life. Each person is unique and needs care in their own unique way. You will receive services that are individually developed for you and your needs. Why wait when help is only a phone call or email away?

Call today to schedule your appointment. Consults are FREE!

Best of Health,
Tabitha Snyder, HES

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This is an exciting day for me. Today I finished my website for my new business and I am so excited that I will be out there in the field as of the first of January working with those who need my services developing a healthier lifestyle.

Six years ago I started out on my endeavor learning the necessary information and training needed in order to help others with their health needs. I started because I have struggled myself with both my health issues of MS and my son's issues with autism and believe that I can help others with their own struggles. With this being said, I am hoping that anyone reading my blog page can learn and grow from my experiences and from each others. I look forward to the future communications we develop with each other.

With Healthy Regards,
Tabitha Snyder
Health Education Specialist

Friday, December 4, 2015


Hello everyone!

My name is Tabitha Snyder and I am the owner and sole proprietor of Healthy Lifestyle Consulting & Developing. I look forward to helping all those interested in reaching a healthier lifestyle through our communications on this blog as well as through the services I offer through my business.

Health is a part of our lives whether we realize it or not. Many go forward in their day as though nothing can shut them down, not realizing that what they choose today can affect their tomorrow. Or if they do know, they push it to the back of their minds until it becomes too late. Now I'm not saying that you can't enjoy your life, but it is affected by the things we do, say, and ingest. So what can you do to prolong health? Stay active and provide your body with proper nutrition through the things you ingest and the way you think. A healthy lifestyle is not something you choose today and forget tomorrow. In fact, it is something you have to choose on a daily basis. Does this mean you have to go on a "diet"? No! A diet is a word that brings poor connotations. It's actually a behavioral change that occurs first in the mind and then in action. If you would like to learn more, then please feel free to follow my blog site and ask questions. 

Information can lead to the road of health. It's what you choose to do with the information that makes a world of difference. Coming soon will be the publication of my website that you will be able to view at You will find when you get to my site that you are able to access my services as either an individual or a group. These services include nutritional counseling, consulting, developing, implementing, and evaluation. My strong points are in natural remedies, nutrition, supplementation, aromatherapy, and special needs education.